How To: SEO in 2023

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Get your personal website, blog, or business ranked higher on Google with professional level Search Engine Optimization!

Grow your traffic to over 50,000 hits in 2023!

This guide contains a ton of information sorted into four categories with tips for maximum growth, and these things can all be accomplished in 2023. With the information included, you'll be able to scale your business, blog, or online store to incredible heights.

Categories -

  • Tips for website traffic
  • Growing social media traffic for SEO
  • Improving and scaling user engagement
  • All of my personal tips and tricks that I've used

Within the 4 categories are links, videos, a bunch of step-by-step points, and more!

What I did with these tips -

If you search 'Graham Zemel' on Google, you'll find I've dominated the entire first page. Plus, searching up cybersecurity (my main field) write-ups and articles from Medium (a popular writing site) will provide multiple links to my personal website, blog, and publication.

That's because I've optimized my online presence through SEO, shooting up my metrics a ton within the span of a few weeks:

10/24/22 - 11/29/22

After 6 weeks of writing, all of the SEO tips contained in this product gave me these stats. I left nothing out, and in those 4 topics you'll find everything you could need to do the same.

It takes barely any work to rank high(er) with some random Wordpress plugin. To rank on the first page of major search engines like Google and even become the first result within a few weeks, you'll definitely want to follow this step-by-step process

I want this!

Upon purchase, you'll receive links, videos, and tutorials that I've used myself to rank #1 on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and just about every other major search engine.

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How To: SEO in 2023

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I want this!