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The Gray Area: Premium Newsletter

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The Gray Area: Premium Newsletter

Graham Zemel
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For the dedicated developer, active programmer, and eager bug bounty hunter.

The Gray Area is a publication hosted on Medium, a popular writing website. Check it out here if you haven't seen it ->

The Gray Area

Every week, a newsletter is sent out to those passionate about learning and educating themselves about the real-world impacts of cybersecurity and computer science.

A select few posts are saved for premium subscribers, those who support the publication and it's writers. These exclusive newsletters sometimes contain low-level unclaimed bug bounties, new tools I'm discovering and showcasing early, and articles allowing free access to paid products.

If you're not satisfied after your purchase, I'll refund it and give a 100% off coupon for any item in my store.


Once a week emails that I've chosen to select for Premium Subscribers, with unreleased and high value content.

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